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Migration & Legal Assistance

Employer/Corporate Sponsored
Temporary & Permanent
Acquire international talent to help your business thrive


We understand the need of local and international businesses to attract international talent to work in Australia. Employer sponsored visa options afford eligible businesses the opportunity to recruit highly skilled international talent to help grow their commercial opportunities. Our migration law experts can assist your business to sponsor eligible candidates for temporary or permanent employer sponsored visas. Our experts will also arm your business with the ability to minimise liability and ensure that your employees are afforded appropriate protection under these arrangements by ensuring ongoing compliance with sponsorship obligations. 

Family & Other Personal Migration
Start a new life - join your family and loved ones 


Partner, parent, child or eligible relative - We can help bring your family together in Australia. We know that any decision involving a family member requires care, sensitivity and understanding. The decision to relocate to another country is not an easy one to make, so it is important to get it right from the outset. Our migration law experts possess specialised knowledge on all family migration and personal migration options (including skilled migration) and will give you honest and reliable advice in relation to which options may be available to you.

Complex Migration Matters
Innovative & proactive solutions for complex situations 


Australian migration law includes strict requirements which may adversely affect individuals who:


  • have health Issues

  • have a criminal record or other character-related problems

  • overstayed their visas and are unlawfully in Australia

  • had a visa cancelled

  • are subject to immigration detention, deportation or removal


Our migration law experts are highly skilled in dealing with complex migration problems and are committed to treating any issues arising from these types of problems with the degree of diligence required to provide honest, accurate and reliable advice to affected clients.


Business Migration
Business - Entrepreneurial & Investment

Capitalise on commercial opportunities


Our migration law experts are highly reputable, commercially savvy advisors who understand business. We possess a proven track record in all areas of Business & Investor migration and can help you navigate the myriad of options and requirements under this program to achieve the results you want. With a long-established international business migration client following our experts are known for their meticulous approach in identifying the right business or investor option for eligible clients.

Refugee & Humanitarian Migration

Seeking Asylum is a Legal Right


We care about the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. Our refugee law experts possess highly-specialised, working knowledge of domestic refugee law, international law, and the rights of asylum seekers. Our experience means that we know that this work requires an honest appraisal of prospects of success, a meticulous approach and tenacious and unwavering commitment to clients.

Review, Litigation & Appeals
Timely & reliable advice

Our migration law experts are proficient in advocating for clients before all merits review tribunals. As former Members at the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal we know what is needed for a successful appeal.  Our expertise extends to dealing with matters before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration & Refugee Division) and acting for clients with meritorious judicial review appeals before the Courts. We will not act for clients where there is not a reasonable prospect of success.

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