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Sally Hunt lawyer
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Sally Hunt | Solicitor Director


Sally is an Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer and an expert in Australian immigration and citizenship law. She has extensive experience in providing strategic and practical immigration advice to individuals and businesses, and has a reputation for successfully managing complex cases.


Sally has worked exclusively in the immigration law field for over 20 years. In 2010, after 10 years practice in specialist and corporate immigration law firms, she was appointed as a Member of the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals for a 5-year term. After completing her term, Sally returned to private practice joining Supra Legal in 2015 and becoming a director in 2016. For the last 3 years, Sally has been voted by her peers onto the Best Lawyers in Australia list.  

Sally has broad experience in business and employer-related migration issues. Throughout her immigration career, including as a tribunal member, she has specialised in business-related matters.  Sally’s experience has led to a thorough and practical understanding of how businesses work, and a strategic approach to achieving immigration-related goals, both shorter and longer term.

Sally also has particular expertise in complex cases. She has a thorough understanding of the many issues which arise, including difficulties with meeting application criteria, health and character problems, fraud and identity issues, sponsorship and re-entry bars, and issues arising from cancellations and unlawfulness.  


Sally can assist you to navigate the complexities of Australian migration law and to avoid its obstacles. If problems do arise, she has technical and practical skills to assist you to achieve the best possible outcomes in the most efficient way.

Sally regularly presents seminars and workshops to lawyers and migration agents about migration related topics and is a sessional Practitioner Mentor in Administrative Law for UNSW’s Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice course.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic and practical advice and assistance to individuals with all Australian visa and citizenship related issues 

  • Assistance with temporary and permanent sponsorship of employees and compliance with sponsorship requirements

  • Management of routine and complex cases, including visa and sponsorship cancellations, sponsorship bars, health, character and fraud issues, tribunal reviews, and judicial reviews



Bachelor of Laws - University of NSW (Dean’s list)

Bachelor of Arts - University of Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - College of Law

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW

Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

Accredited Specialist - Immigration Law

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Rowena Irish lawyer
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Rowena Irish | Solicitor Director


As an immigration lawyer with over fifteen years’ experience at the highest levels of immigration law and in a top tier law firm in banking and finance law, Rowena is well placed to meet all your immigration needs.  Rowena was previously a Member at the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals where she dealt with the most complex of immigration cases. As a Tribunal Member Rowena saw the pitfalls of visa applications completed poorly and applicants advised badly. It is this experience that has marked her drive to ensure that her clients receive the highest quality representation. 


Prior to her time on the Tribunals Rowena was Principal Solicitor and Director at the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre where she managed a team of immigration lawyers and conducted her own casework across a broad range of immigration matters.  In this role she advised thousands of applicants on their immigration options and rights. 


Rowena is passionate about providing personalised advice and the best quality assistance to ensure her clients achieve the migration outcome they desire.  An immigration lawyer with an impeccable professional reputation, Rowena is known as a dedicated and diligent advocate for her clients.


Rowena is a recognised expert in immigration law, having presented seminars and information sessions across a broad range of immigration and citizenship topics.  She is an MIA Accredited Educator, was named in the AFR's Best Lawyers list 2019 and has written extensively on Australian immigration and citizenship law, including as the co-author of the 8th edition of The Immigration Kit, the seminal immigration law textbook published by Federation Press.


Areas of Expertise:

    Family & Other Personal Migration
  Business & Skilled Migration (Temporary & Permanent)
  Complex health & character cases
  Appeals & Review
  Refugee & Humanitarian



Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - University of Sydney

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) - University of Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice - College of Law

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW

Solicitor of the High Court of Australia

MIA Accredited Educator

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