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Changes to 457 self sponsorship

Previously subclass 457 visas were used to enable persons to self-sponsor. However the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s policy in relation to this has been significantly amended and such applications will now have great difficulty being accepted. The policy states:


The intent of the 457 program is to enable Australian businesses to temporarily fill short term skill shortages with overseas workers when they cannot find a suitably qualified or experienced Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill the position. The program is not intended to be used for non-citizens to establish a business in Australia and self-sponsor themselves; there are other visa pathways available for such purposes.


In assessing whether the position associated with the nominated occupation is genuine, consideration should be given as to whether the position has been created to facilitate the entry to, or stay in Australia, of the nominee or any of their family members.

At Supra Legal we can look at alternate options for persons seeking to remain in Australia who were considering self-sponsorship.

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