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NSW 491 regional eligibility criteria released

NSW recently introduced its skilled occupation list with minimum points score and skilled work experience requirements for each occupation required for NSW nomination. However, it has now also released a new “Working in Regional NSW” eligibility stream for those wanting sc491 nomination and are already living and working in regional NSW.

NSW states that the new stream will prioritise applicants who:

  • are currently living and working in their nominated (or closely related) occupation in a designated regional area of NSW, and have continuously done so for the past twelve (12) months for a minimum of 20 hours per week;

  • meet all eligibility requirements required by the Australian Government for this visa;

  • have a valid skills assessment in an occupation within in a unit group that appears on the NSW Regional Skills List and is eligible for the visa;

  • are paid at least the TSMIT level or $53,900 per annum (full time basis) excluding superannuation; and

  • can provide employment evidence through payslips, employment contract and tax returns.

If an applicant meets all stream criteria outlined above, they may apply directly for NSW nomination. The previously published NSW list of minimum points score and work experience requirements do not apply to this stream but applicants must still meet the legislative requirements for the visa which include having a minimum points score of 65 points (noting this can include 15 points for state nomination for a 491 visa) and have Competent English.

Details of the new Working in Regional NSW stream can be found at:

This offers a potential pathway for applicants not otherwise eligible for permanent residence under employer sponsored, 190 or independent skilled programs.


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