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Extra GSM points

From 10 September 2016 the government has introduced regulations providing for the award of additional 5 points for persons with “specialist educational qualifications”, ie a masters degree by research or doctoral degree involving at least 2 academic years of study in one of the following areas:

Natural and Physical Sciences:  Biological Sciences;  Chemical Sciences;  Earth Sciences;  Mathematical Sciences;  Natural and Physical Sciences;  Other Natural and Physical Sciences;  Physics and Astronomy. Information technology  Computer Science;  Information Systems;  Information Technology;  Other Information Technology.

Engineering and Related Technologies:  Aerospace Engineering and Technology;  Civil Engineering;  Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Technology;  Engineering and Related Technologies;  Geomatic Engineering; Manufacturing and Engineering Technology;  Maritime and Engineering Technology;  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology;  Other Engineering and Related Technologies;  Process and Resources Engineering.

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