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Good news for 457 visa holders

The Australian Government has announced some positive news for existing 457 visa holders in relation to their ability to apply for permanent residence. The Department of Immigration website now advises:

“People who held, or had applied for, a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017 will be able to access certain existing provisions under the Temporary Residence Transition stream:

- occupation requirements remain the same (i.e. there are no restrictions as long as the nominee continues to work in the same position for the same employer as approved for their subclass 457 visa);

- the age requirement will remain at less than 50 years of age; and

- the work experience requirement, and the requirement to have worked at least two out of the three years prior to nomination on a subclass 457, will remain at two years.”

This provides reassurance for some 457 visa holders but there remain a number of scenarios where the pathway to permanent residence for 457 visa holders after March 2018 remains unclear. If you are uncertain please contact us for advice.

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