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Trade skills assessment changes

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is the approved assessing body for most trade occupations for visas requiring a skills assessment. It delegates some of these assessments to skills assessing bodies, including VETASSESS. There are some important changes which applicants should be aware of in this process.

From 3 April 2018 TRA will now approve the final assessment outcome for all trade skills assessments. Previously these could be approved directly by the delegated assessing body, such as VETASSESS. Therefore the skills assessment may take longer to finalise.

From 4 June 2018 VETASSESS fees will increase. Details of the new fees are available on the VETASSESS website. Applicants should lodge their skills assessment applications before 4 June 2018 if they wish to avoid the fee increase.

For further advice in relation to these changes and how they may impact on your application and visa options please contact us.

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