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Assurance of support changes

Changes were implemented from 1 April 2018 significantly increasing the salary requirements for the provision of an assurance of support (AOS) and also increasing the bond required to be paid in association with mandatory AOSs. These changes apply to visa applications which have already been lodged but for which an AOS has not yet been requested (or lodged). Given the significant increase in the income requirements (eg example increasing the salary required by 50%) the changes meant that applications already lodged may no longer be eligible where the sponsor would not meet the new AOS requirements and no other assurer was available.

As a result of lobbying and political opposition, including the introduction of a Disallowance Motion by Senator Nick McKim, the government has signalled an intention to restore the previous AOS requirements. This is a great relief to many applicants adversely impacted by the changes.

For further advice in relation to these changes and how they may impact on your application and visa options please contact us.

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