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COVID-19: I hold a 457/TSS visa and my workplace has closed

We understand that this is a stressful time for many 457 and TSS visa holders. If your workplace has closed temporarily as a result of the government restrictions because of COVID-19 then what impact this has on you will depend on your employment status:

- if you are on annual leave then you are still employed and fully compliant with the conditions on your visa

- if you are on leave without pay then you are still employed and unlikely to be in breach of your visa conditions but your employer may need to seek advice on their sponsorship obligations

- if your employment has been terminated then you will need to seek new employment (via a new nomination) or be re-employed by your current sponsor within the 60 or 90 days permitted by your current visa (please check your grant notification to see which applies to you).

If you have had your employment terminated please seek advice as early as possible about what visa possibilities there may be for you within the 60 or 90 day period. The earlier you get advice the better placed you will be to put in place appropriate strategies.

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