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COVID-19: Update for temporary workers

Some relief will be provided for temporary workers. The measures that will be introduced in response to COVID-19 for temporary visa holders include:

  • Ability of employers to reduce the working hours for sponsored employees

  • Ability of temporary visa holders to access their superannuation up to $10,000 (for student visa holders this would only be after their first year in Australia)

  • Ability to extend their temporary work visa for employees stood down rather than laid off

  • If a temporary skilled visa holder is re-employed after the pandemic their time already spent in Australia will count towards their permanent residency skilled work experience requirements

The ABC reports the following in relation to financial support for temporary visa holders:

The Government said there were more than 2 million temporary visa holders across the country and Mr Tudge said there had always been an expectation that they could support themselves.

"Temporary visa holders are extremely valuable to the Australian economy and way of life, but the reality is that many Australians will find themselves out of work due to the dual health and economic crisis we're currently facing, and these Australians and permanent residents must be the Government's number one focus," he said.

The comments echoed Prime Minister Scott Morrison's warning on Friday that anyone who was not financially secure should leave.

Full report here:

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