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Travel for vaccinated Australians and permanent residents

Since March 2020 Australians and permanent residents have been banned from leaving Australia without an exemption which is only granted in limited circumstances. Finally, after more than 18 months, from 1 November 2021 Australian citizens and permanent residents aged 12 and over who are fully vaccinated will again be able to leave Australia without needing an outwards travel exemption.

To be considered fully vaccinated you must have received either:

- two doses at least 14 days apart of AstraZeneca Vaxzevria or Covishield, Pfizer/Biontech Comirnaty, Modern Spikevax or Sinovac Coronavac; or

- one dose of Johnson & Johnson / Janssen-Cilag COVID vaccine.

You will only be considered fully vaccinated once at least 7 days has passed since the final dose of the vaccine. You must evidence your vaccinated status through presentation of your International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (if vaccinated in Australia) or a foreign vaccinated certificate (if vaccinated overseas).

Children under 12 and Australian citizens and permanent residents with acceptable proof that they cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons will also be able to travel overseas without seeking an exemption.

If you are fully vaccinated you may be eligible for reduced quarantine requirements upon to return to Australia. However, there are limitations on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children accessing schools and other high risk settings for 7-14 days after return. Furthermore, if there is an unvaccinated adult family member then the entire family group will be subject to managed quarantine and passenger caps.

For advice on your specific circumstances please contact us for a consultation.


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